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Aplikasi Web: Forum Mirip Twitter

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Anime/Movie Community Sharing (FullCustom)

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Aplikasi Web: Online Shop PRO 1

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Web Profil / Portofolio Basic 1

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WP Plugins: RSS to Post

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Template Toko Online: Shopper Variant

SHOPPER-Variant adalah HTML template (menggunakan Bootstrap 3.3.6) yang ditujukan untuk toko online. Template ini terdiri dari 6 halaman siap pakai yaitu home, product lists, shopping c [...]

Finding Information in the Digital Age

Category: Komputer dan TeknologiDate:
Thursday, 20 Jan 2011

More and more digitalized so the more the amount of data and this will make it difficult in terms of finding the necessary information quickly. Search (browsing) and searching (searching) is something that is generally done to find the desired information. It is familiar to most internet users to search is to use search engines such Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc.. The majority of search engines use similar way of displaying search results that is to feature 10 top search results from all of its search results.

Representations of this kind of search results requires to track every search results by looking one by one to achieve the desired results. Users are not given the option to conduct more detailed searches based on keywords it uses. To perform a more specific search users must modify the keywords they used (add, subtract, or change the keywords).

Some search engines offer users a menu to perform another search-related keywords that are used or made arrangements to do searches. As an example we can set the language used to interface and search results, filtering content based on certain criteria, the number of search results per page, the search results that contain all the words to be searched, the search results with at least one of the words of the keyword, the search results are not include keywords and so on.

Google even offers another way to make search more specific by adding special parameters in the key word. For example, users who want to find a PDF-type document with the keyword "learn php programming" can type "filetype:pdf learn programming php" (without quotation marks) in the search box. The addition of the keyword parameters will reduce the number of search results which means it will make it easier for users to find what is being sought.

In addition to using search engines search, another search is often done a search on the basis of data in certain areas such as staffing database, library database, etc.. Search this model, were generally still use the search settings-style search engines, namely the model advanced search options. Some also use the search parameters in the query such as AND, OR, wildcards, quotation marks or other signs which represented either directly typing in the search box or via the drop-down menu.

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