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Profile / Portofolio Pro 2

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WP Plugins: RSS to Post

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Aplikasi Web: Pre-Order Online Shop

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Online Shop Basic 1

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Pistarlabs Vacancy Web Developer (CI)

Category: Lowongan KerjaDate:
Thursday, 13 Nov 2014

Pistarlabs open opportunity for creative and skillful youth developers who have good sense of logic and the art of coding. The person who can solve problems in elegant way and ensure the development is done perfectly. We need person who speak "PHP in OOP and MVC Concept" daily with responsibility and requirement:
++ Responsibility ++
~ Develop, maintain, and support various web applications.
~ Collaborate with other team members in building the applications.
~ Enhancing existing functionalities, fixing bugs, testing, and maintain project code and database.
~ Maintain and optimize web service components and performance.

++ Requirements ++
~ Advance in OOP and MVC Concept (Experienced in CodeIgniter Framework is a plus)
~ Working Experience in JSON
~ Work fulltime
~ Have good personalities
~ Knowledge worker (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knowledge_worker)
~ Having Dota2 account with level 13+ is a plus

++ Location ++
Our base camp located in Jalan Tebet Utara 1H no 4. Jakarta Selatan.

++ Salary ++
Range 3-7 Million IDR, based on experience

++ Apply ++
If you interested to join our team, kindly send you latest resume / CV to info@pistarlabs.com with format subject "WEB - [Your Name]" or contact via jogi@pistarlabs.com for more detail

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